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In September of last year, I downloaded the "Waking Up" meditation app designed by neuroscientist, philosopher and New York Times best-selling author Sam Harris. Since then, I have been using the app to practise meditation every day.

Actually, I was introduced to meditation in 2004 through a friend of mine. We were joining the meditation sessions of Jeff Oliver, an Australian former monk using the Vipassana technique. I think the most important advantage of vipassana (Pali "insight"), which comes from the oldest tradition of Buddhism is that it can be taught in an entirely secular way.

I remember those days with a smile on my face that we spent all day long in Büyükada by doing group meditation. I would join Jeff’s vipassana sessions whenever he was in Istanbul. After practising meditation regularly for almost a year, unfortunately, I could not continue practising regularly due to the pretext of busy corporate work life.

While practising Vipassana meditation, you become aware of your emotions deeply, observing your emotion from the moment it appears through the moment it disappears and it also enables you to watch your thoughts attaching to the emotions. Thus, the change begins.

Back then, I got angry easily from time to time and became reactive. I soon came to regret my behaviour or action. Meditation has been very useful in significantly reducing the reactive behaviours that I later regretted. I finally realized that the only way to live without regret is to reach the "attention" (Pali "sati"), which is called the quality of mind grown in Vipassana. Many psychological benefits of accessing this quality of mind are in the literature today (https://samharris.org/how-to-meditate/).

Well, to get back to the "Waking Up" app, this is not only a meditation practice far superior to other meditation apps but also the most useful digital tool I've added to my life lately. There are lessons and practices in which theoretical information about different meditation techniques are shared, and podcasts with respected people in this field and daily meditation sessions under the guidance of Sam Harris. I strongly recommend the “Waking Up” application (https://wakingup.com/ ) to both those who are thinking of starting meditation and those who want to practice regular meditation.

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