Becoming Free While Working

Recently I came across a tweet that asked ‘How free are we? We have to work for an entire year to have a two-week holiday.’ Indeed, if we are working merely for the salary that we receive at the end of the month, how can we actually feel free? Well then, is it at all possible to become free while working?

In his book titled ‘Career and Existence,’ Dr. Daniş Navaro states that a love of work would free us. A love of work is defined as a passionate attachment to the job itself. In other words, if the job itself inspires you to work rather than its rewards such as the salary, promotion, that means you have a love of work. In the past, we used to think that only jobs related to medicine, education, science, and art could be done with a love of work. We do not think that anymore.

A desire to work lies waiting to be found somewhere deep in the individual’s inner disposition. It is never too late to start out on a journey to deep inside oneself!

Working is actually a self-evaluation, and self-evaluation can only be achieved through self-realization, in other words through the display of performance that unearths potential. Throughout our career, while we progress towards our dreams that are in line with our inner tendencies, we bring out our potential to overcome difficulties and thus we find pleasure in improving intellectually, physically, and mentally. At the same time, we experience the happiness that comes from seeing how our performance adds value to others and the world that we are a part of. When those who have a love of work have a job that helps them unearth the potential within themselves, they see it as a contribution to others and to the world. In their journey from potential to performance, at the same time as they realize their career dreams, they find meaning in their jobs and achieve a satisfactory career.

Nietzsche says that “Freedom is the capacity to become what we truly are.” Just like a caterpillar that transforms into a butterfly, leaving its cocoon to freedom, we can become free if we work with a love of work and unearth our potential.

We all possess the opportunity to become free. It really starts by discovering that which is meaningful for you, makes you feel good, and gives you enthusiasm, and taking action towards that wherever you are in your life.

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